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Image by Shelley Pauls

Let's Get Organized!! Genetically That Is!!

Everything you need to start your lines off right, organize a database and track your lineage,

give your geckos a registry number and make printable Lineage certificates!!

If you're wanting to get into breeding geckos or animal really and developing your own lines than there is some importance to keeping track of your animals lineage.

We here at The Peculiar Dragon have found the absolute perfect program for breeders of all kinds!! And it is called KinTraks (click the link for download)! This program has been an absolute blessing. Best of all it's free!! They do offer a paid version which the only difference is that it allows you to add more than 200 animals thats all really. Anyway let me get to how we use it!

KinTraks caters to all breeders and allows you to make and customize individual databases for each animal/species you breed. You can make the databases accessible on your websites as well. Everything about this program is customizable for your needs.

You can create detailed lineage certificates (like the one shown above) and by create i mean make a template with the information you want shown and KinTraks plugs in all the information for you. No more hours of writing and saving and searching for your information! You can make both printable pdfs or htmls of them that can be stamped or signed when you sell an animal.

There is an inbreeding and breeding calculator and tracker. Find out your allele probability how many generations you should go etc. You can also put a cooling time for your females and Kintraks will tell you when they are off cooling and can be bred again.

There's health record keeping, sold (without or without pricing), purchased, bred, owned tags, so you can label animals not in your collection but part of a lineage without cluttering up your own animal list. You can generate registry numbers for your animals so in case a name is changed the number can still follow them! You can inform your buyers about Kintraks so they can important the animals information directly into their databases!

Have a large collection? You can also input cage/bin numbers into your animals information so you'll always know exactly where to find them!

There are so many great features about this program I can keep on going pages long lol but I hope to get enough people using this to help us all keep track of what's what without relying on social media platforms and the fear of social media platforms locking our pages and losing all our information forever!!!

If you have any questions on how to do things in KinTraks just shoot me a message but the help guide is pretty detailed and easy to follow!

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