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Female Breeders

You'll find all of our female breeders here! You can see full lineage trees at the end of their photo slides.


Produced With Gotham Geckos

Out of:

Harley Quinn (Gotham Geckos) x Ghost

This Lilly White was produced in collaboration with

Rockstar Geckos

Out of:

Majestic AF x ALT-J (Owned By Rockstar Geckos)

Divine Hallow

Produced By Crowned Cresties

Out Of:

Jaraxxus x Butterscotch

The Botanical Nook - Little Flower Dragon 15.png

Pretty Pants

Purchased From Gecko Haven

No Lineage

Deadly Nightshade

Produced with Gotham Geckos

Out of:

Rave (Gotham Geckos) x Damian (Produced by Christie's Reptile Room)

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